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Runner Project

The Runner Robot is a, Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), student developed multipurpose mobile platform. This robot was developed to provide a testbed for navigation and control research and education in mobile robotics.

Currently, additional developments in the navigation, control and coordination system of the robot are being the target of several students (in diferent degrees) of the Electrical Engineering Course of ISEP.

The robots participated in Robotica 2006 (Portuguese Robotics Festival in Guimarães).

Robotica 2006  Robotica 2006  Robotica 2006  Robotica 2006

The robots participated in Robotica 2005 (Portuguese robotica Festival in Coimbra).

Projecto Runner - Robotica 2005  Runner  Projecto Runner - Robotica 2005

In the school year of 2004/2005, a new robot was developed in the context of the final year projects of Eduardo Silva and Ismael Neves. Both robots participated in Robótica 2004 (Portuguese Robotics Festival in Porto).

Runner  Runner  Runner

The robot participated in Robotica 2003 (Portuguese Robotics Festival in Lisbon).

Projecto Runner - Robotica 2003  Projecto Runner - Robotica 2003  Projecto Runner - Robotica 2003

The robot participated in Robotica 2002 (Portuguese Robotics Festival in Aveiro).

Projecto Runner no Robotica 2002

Starting in the school year of 2001/2002 the robot was developed in the context of the final year projects of Nuno Moreira and Alexandre Rocha (students of Enginner Degree in Electrical Engineering - Electronics and Computers of ISEP).

A proposed scenario of operation was considered for the developement of a vison based navigation system. This scenario consists in the standard test proposed in the Portuguese Robotics Festival for university teams.

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