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Learn with Robotics ("Aprender com Robótica") Project

This project is a initiative towards the use of mobile robotics in education.

It consists in the development of a modular mobile robotics kit, curricular materials adapted to different degrees of scholarship (from high school to undergraduate), organization of courses, assembling sessions, competitions and workshops.


Robot AprenderRobot Aprender
Robot AprenderRobot Aprender
Rescue robot.

Robot Aprender    Robot Aprender
Junior soccer robot prototype.


The project started in 2002 with a initial colaboration between ISEP and 3 technicaly oriented high schools in the Oporto area: "Escola Secundária Fontes Pereira de Melo", "Externato N. S. Perpétuo Socorro" and "Escola Secundária Infante D. Henrique".

Funding is partially provided by the portuguese Ministery of Science and Technology under "Ciência Viva" program.



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